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Monday, May 17, 2010


1. Location 

The location of the new Star Fitness facility will be situated between The Garden Shopping Mall and residential complex, My Dinh, Me Tri, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

2. Facility Size 

The Star Fitness Hanoi operation will occupy three floors between The Garden Shopping Mall and residential complex.  Below are the basic facilities on each floor and the square meters of each area:

4th  Floor –
Massage rooms, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis and cold plunge baths (300 m2)
Office and staff areas (180 m2)
Storage areas (200 m2)
Total = 680 square meters

5th  Floor (exterior) –
Swimming pool area (swimming pool and surrounding area) (825 m2)
Length and width of swimming pool only = 18 meters long x 10 meters wide
Total = 825 square meters

5th  Floor (interior) –
Reception area (110 m2)
Locker rooms (300 m2)
Restrooms (70 m2)
Stores = (40 m2)
Total = 520 square meters

6th  Floor –
Gym area (380 m2)
Group exercise room (110 m2)
Total = 490 square meters

Total Facility Size = 2,515 Square Meters (including pool area)
Total Facility Size = 1,690 Square Meters (excluding pool area)

Note: The above m2 figures were provided by Mr. Cuong (MTIC) on Friday January 22, 2010

According to Mr. Henry though the actual construction floor area (CFA) has a breakdown in m2 is as follows:

4th  Floor –
Total = 637 square meters

5th  Floor (interior) –
Total = 521 square meters

6th  Floor –
Total = 518 square meters

Total Facility Size = 1,676 Square Meters (this is the interior CFA)

Note: The above figures are excluding the exterior pool area.
3. Facility Hours of Operation 

Monday through Friday         5:00am ~ 10:00pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays     7:00am ~ 9:00pm

4. Massage Hours of Operation 

Typically, massage is usually busier in the afternoons and evenings. Therefore, it’s suggested we begin our massage operation with the following hours of operation to help keep the labor costs as low as possible.  Later, we can adjust our hours if necessary we find we have the customer demand.

Monday through Friday         11:00am ~ 9:00pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays     11:00am ~ 8:00pm


1. Fitness Equipment 

Known for their well built and reliable products, LifeFitness, Cybex and Ivanko fitness equipment are all considered, in the fitness industry, to be the best overall brands available for a commercial fitness environment. At our Club, we will feature all of these brands and this will help us keep our competitive edge with our current and future competitors. The following list is the basic amounts and types of equipment we will offer:

  • Over 50 pieces of “LifeFitness” strength training equipment.
  • Over 1,364 lbs. (620 kilos) of “Ivanko” free-weights.
  • "Ivanko” dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs. To 50 lbs.
  • Eleven-(11) 95Ti “LifeFitness“ Treadmills with attachable LCD TVs.
  • Two-(2) 95Xi “LifeFitness“ Cross Trainers with attachable LCD TVs.
  • Seven-(7) 95Ci “LifeFitness“ Upright Bikes with attachable LCD TVs.
  • Three-(3) 95Ri “LifeFitness“ Recumbent Bikes with attachable LCD TVs
  • Three-(3) “Cybex” Total Body Arc Trainers with attachable LCD TVs
  • Two-(2) “Octane” Pro 3700 Elipticals with attachable LCD TVs
  • One-(1) “Twins” professional ceiling mounted boxing bag.
  • One-(1) “Twins” professional wall mounted upper cut / hook bag

2. Group Exercise Studio 

The group exercise studio will be approximately 110 square meters in size and our goal is to eventually provide a good variety of exercise classes for our members and guests like we have in our HCMC operation.  Two boxing bags are also located in this area for boxing / martial arts training.

3. Locker Rooms 

Each locker room is designed to be spacious, functional with a relaxing atmosphere and will have:

  • 124 day lockers
  • 76 rental lockers
  • 8 Showers
  • 5 toilets (ladies’ locker room)
  • 3 toilets & 5 urinals (men’s locker room)
  • Lounge area

It’s believed the locker rooms should be able to accommodate a membership of at least 1,000 members.

4. Wet Area 

Relaxation is part of any fitness program. In our facility, both the men’s and ladies’ locker rooms will have:

  • 1 Sauna
  • 1 Steam Bath
  • 1 Jacuzzi
  • 1 Cold Plunge Bath

Although the actual size of all of these units aren’t very large it’s still believed they will be popular the majority of members.

5. Outdoor Swimming Pool 

Whether for sports or relaxation, our swimming facilities complement total fitness and health. The 18 meters long outdoor heated swimming pool positioned between The Garden Shopping Mall and residential complex will be incorporated as part of the membership benefits for Star Fitness members. The swimming pool probably only be used for a few months during the year (due to the cold weather in the winter time). However, it will still be considered an added attraction when selling memberships to potential members. 

6. Massage 

Along with the relaxation benefits, massage has been proven to relieve sore, tired muscles, improve blood circulation, alleviate chronic stress and mental tension as well as improve concentration. At our new Star Fitness facility in Hanoi will include space for two massage rooms in each locker room in a soothing, clean environment.

7. Linen  

For the convenience for our members, we will provide one complimentary towel set (consisting of three towels) per day. Extra towels will also be available at a minimal cost.

8. Reciprocal Privileges  

Many of our existing members now travel to and from Hanoi on a regular and it’s believed a reciprocal agreement allowing members from both Hanoi and HCMC to use either Star Fitness facilities enhances our branding value and adds additional advantages to us when selling new memberships and retaining our current members. With reciprocal privileges, our members will now be able to enjoy exclusive benefits at two of the best athletic clubs in Vietnam.

9. Personal Training  

There are many benefits of personal training for the members. To mention a few, a personal trainer:

  • Provides motivation, which helps the member stick to a fitness plan and achieve results.
  • Makes it tougher for a member to skip workouts.
  • Oversees each workout to help the member perform the exercises correctly, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Helps optimizes the member’s workout time, reducing wastage.
  • Helps improve fitness results – weight loss, muscle tone, etc.
  • Answers all the members’ questions regarding fitness and health.

Within 6 months of operation, our goal will be to educate our fitness instructors to become personal trainers. This will help generate additional revenue for both the facility and personal trainer as well.

10. Parking Discount 

In Hanoi, it seems many of the hotel fitness centers offer their members’ complimentary parking. In our case, it seems more than likely that members living outside of The Manor or The Garden residences will need to utilize the parking facilities of The Garden and, therefore, as a selling point for our Club we suggest offering our members either free parking or at least discounted prices like we have here in Ho Chi Minh City, which for motorbikes is 1,000 VND per visit (4,000 VND / overnight) and for automobiles the charge is 10,000 VND per visit (70,000 VND / overnight).

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